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Rohde Schwarz AFG
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Rohde & Schwarz AFG (10mHz to 20MHz) and AFGU (1uHz to 20 MHz) Function Generators provide practically all signals that are required in electronics, electroacoustics, vibration measurements, material testing and control engineering. Modulation modes include AM, FM, PM (pulse), FSK (frequency shift keying) and VCO operation.FSK and PM can be triggered internally or externally. AM and FM can be produced with the aid of external modulation signals.

Ramp and sine2 pulse through variation of symmetry, start/stop phase and DC offset
Single pulses, pulse trains - internally /externally triggered, adjustable edges
Linear/logarithmic sweep (phasecontinuous steps)
AM, FM, VCO, pulse modulation and frequency shift keying
  • 制造商: Rohde Schwarz
  • 模型: AFG