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The CE24B Frequency Selective Voltmeter measures signal and noise levels in FDM carrier and radio multiplex systems. The frequency range covered is 200Hz to 5.0MHz. Levels may be measured from -120 dBm to +12 dBm. For frequencies to 100kHz, levels up to +50 dBm can be measured using the External Attenuator/Buffer. The CE24B is lightweight and housed in a portable case with protective lid. It can be easily carried into the field for measurements at remote repeater locations. Power for the CE24B is supplied by two rechargeable batteries which will operate the instrument for approximately 10 hours, or by AC input. Input to the CE24B is through coaxial connectors for unbalanced systems. Input impedances of 75, 124, 135, 150, or 600 ohms are selectable, and may be used in either the terminating or bridging mode. The meter reads directly in dBm for each input impedance.
  • 制造商: Cushman
  • 模型: CE24B