Optical Power Meters : JDSU OLP-16C


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Optical Power Meters

The Acterna OLP-15C, OLP-16C and OLP-18C are compact, high performance optical power meters for installation, maintenance and repair in fiber optic networks. They can be used on their own for simple system power measurements, or with a light source for insertion loss measurements.

The full functionality of the high performance OLP range is realized when used with an Acterna Optical Light Source (OLS).

Together with a variable optical attenuator the OLPs are the right instruments for the commissioning of optical transmission systems, for example: DWDM systems.

  • Easy report generation with FiberASSISTANT software
  • Data storage and RS-232 interface
  • Rugged, impact resistant, splash-proof
  • Three year recalibration period
  • High precision, easily exchangeable adapter including UPP

    • 制造商: JDSU
    • 模型: OLP-16C