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Kikusui PMX350-02A
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Compact DC Power Supply (0-350V, 0-0.2A) with LAN(LXI)/USB/RS232C Interface

The PMX-A series is a compact, high-performance DC power supply that provides constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC). It is designed to improve working efficiency for benchtop uses. For this purpose, the output terminals are located on the front panel and are ergonomically designed so that wiring harnesses for electrical loads can be connected by moving your fingers naturally. Moreover, a forced air cooling system is used to intake and exhaust of the internal air, so the unit can be rack mounted without space.
Furthermore, the PMX-A is equipped with LAN, USB, and RS232C interfaces as standard interfaces required for system operation. In particular, the LAN interface enables you to control and monitor the power supply from Web browsers on PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other terminal devices. Moreover, the PMX-A is LXI(LAN eXtention for Instrumentation) certified product, so it can be connected easier with your measurement system using LAN interface.
The PMX-A is also equipped with remote sensing (for 18V, 35V models only), analog external control/monitoring output, various protective functions, memory function, and other functions.

A standard feature of the networking capability provides extended applications of the ordinary testing.

Series regulator system with excellent noise performance
High setting resolution - Voltage: 1 mV, Current: 0.1 mA (PMX18-2A)
Wide range of output variations (9 models are available)
LAN (LXI compliant) / USB / RS232C as standard interface
External analog remote control
Monitoring and status signal output
CV, CC priority start function (to prevent overshoot when the output is ON)
Remote sensing function (18V, 35V models)
Key lock, 3-point preset memory function

  • 制造商: Kikusui
  • 模型: PMX350-02A