DC Sources Power Supplies : TEXIO Kenwood PDS20-36A


TEXIO Kenwood PDS20-36A
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Regulated DC Power Supplies
PDS36-6A (36V/6A)

As compared with doropper-method DC power supplies, the unique switching and dropper circuit systems bring low output noise at same level, light weight less than half, and compact body. PDS-A power supply corresponds to EU RoHS regulation in consideration of environment. GP-IB, RS-232C, USB and LAN optional control boards are available and users are able to download API and drivers software from TEXIO web-site.

  • Satisfying CE Mark Certication Requirements
  • Series/Parallel Operation
  • 3-points Voltage/Current Preset
  • Various Protection Functions
  • O timer function
  • Contrlling transient build-up current function
  • Sequence function
  • External analog control function
    • 制造商: TEXIO Kenwood
    • 模型: PDS20-36A