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Sumitomo Q101-M12
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The Quantum Mass marks the new standard in fusion splicing. It is the industrys first and ONLY mass fusion splicer with Automatic Clamp Force Adjustment and Live Time Clamp Force Calibration that allows for real-time fiber offset adjustment for the lowest insertion loss for splicing ribbon fiber and MPO terminations. Its the industrys fastest mass fusion splicer, taking less than 70 seconds for a 12 count fiber splice. Other industry first and ONLY features include: fully navigational touch screen for optimum user friendliness; SD port for virtually unlimited data storage, plus video, audio, and software uploads and downloads; internet interface for remote maintenance; and the longest electrode life with legendary reliability common to all Sumitomo splicers.

Sumitomos Quantum Mass is the industrys lightest, smallest, and most advanced mass fusion splicer, yet its also more rugged with superior dust, shock and water-proof resistance for even the harshest environments. The built-in dual heater system, a Sumitomo Electric innovation, reduces heater wait time and improves splicing efficiency by 70%, yielding a splicer with unprecedented speed, performance, and reliability.

Features The Quantum is the 1st and Only Mass Fusion Splicer in the Industry with:
  • Industrys Only Dual Independent Heat Shrink Ovens with Auto Pretension Clamps
  • Industrys Only Automatic Clamp Force Adjustment & Real-Time Clamp Force Calibration to Minimize Fiber to Fiber Offset When Ribbonnizing Loose Tube Fibers or Splicing MPO Connectors
  • Industry's Fastest 12 Fiber Splice Under 70 Seconds
  • Industrys Only High Resolution, Fully Navigational, Touch Screen Monitor
  • Industrys Only SD Port for Virtually Unlimited Data Storage, Plus Program, Video, Audio, and Software Uploads/ Downloads
  • Internet Interface for Remote Maintenance & Software Upgrades
  • Industrys Only Video & Audio Playback
  • Industrys Lightest Weight & Smallest Footprint Mass Fusion Splicer
Other Features Include:
  • Ruggedized Design for Shock, Water, and Dust Resistance
  • Automatic Splice Start, Arc Calibration, Heater Start and Fiber Identification
  • Hard Carrying Case with Integrated Work Platform
  • Multiple Positional Monitor with Automatic Display Inversion
  • Battery Recharges While Splicing with AC Power
  • Long Life Battery
  • Lynx2 CustomFit Splice-On Connector Compatibility
  • 24-Hour Technical Support via 1-888-SPLICER
  • 制造商: Sumitomo
  • 模型: Q101-M12