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Instek GSP-810TGPM
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150KHz-1GHz Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator & Power Meter Frequency Range : 150kHz ~ 1000MHz Fully Digital Phase Locked Loop Technique Design High Frequency Stability : 10ppm High Resolution of Span to Measure the more detailed signal : Zero, 2kHz ~ 100MHz /DIV RBW : 3k, 30k, 220k, 4M High Input Protection Level : +30dBm, 25VDC Reference Level Range : -30dBm ~ +20dBm Good Noise Floor Performance : -95dBm @30kHz, -100dBm typical ; over -150dBm/Hz typical @220kHz and 4MHz RBW Spurious Noise :<-60dB Intermodulation (3rd) :<-70dBc Two Markers for Absolute and Relative Measurement Functions : Max. Hold, Average (2 ~ 32 traces), Freeze, Peak Search, Marker to Center Function 9 Memories of Save/Recall RS-232 Interface and Display Software to get Trace from GSP-810 to PC Options :Power Meter, Tracking Generator, Remote Control Software Tracking Generator: With the tracking generator option, the GSP-810 enables you to measure the characteristics of the device under test, such as filter or RF power amplifier. In addition, it provides a normalization feature to "calibrate out" the gains and losses in the cables and other devices under test. Power Meter: With the power meter, GSP-810 can measure the total power of input signal in the units of mW or dBm.
  • 制造商: Instek
  • 模型: GSP-810TGPM