Misc Network Equipment : Bluelight BlueScope BL6800B


Bluelight BlueScope BL6800B
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Handheld multi functional, multi technology test platform for Ethernet, IP, SONET/SDH/PDH, OTN & Fibre Channel

Key BlueScope Benefits:
Unmatchable market performance
Test up to 32.Mulistreams each with customizable traffic profiles.
Powerful Packet Flooding. Flood nearly any field of a packet including MAC, VLAN, MPLS with Layer 3 & 4
payload options.
Dual port Packet Capture and Analysis utilizing WireShark engine
The most compact OTN tester on the market. Supports OTU.1/2
Unparalleled physical layer testing on all optical transport methods and line rates.
Software license controlled features for upgrades or maintaining test standards as they are defined, then certified.
Instant (DIY) remote/field upgradable; via a software only license key.
Never lose a test capability/feature due to lost, forgotten, or damaged hardware modules.
Linux Operating System
Less susceptibility to viruses and malware. Known in the IT industry for being more stable than alternatives.
Linux the OS choice for hand held testers and utilized in the Bluescope!
  • 制造商: Bluelight
  • 模型: BlueScope BL6800B