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Newport 1935-C
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Newport Optical Power Meters

For applications requiring measurement of low-power, high-power or energy of continuous or pulsed light sources, Newport models 1935-C/2935-C and 1935T-C/2935T-C instruments have broken the barrier of temporal measurement performance with calibrated results. This series of power/energy meters have the ability to handle repetition-rates of up to 10 kHz at a sampling rate of 250 kHz.
Pulse, peak-to-peak and DC source measurements can be displayed in units of W, dBm, dB, J, A, and V. Simultaneous measurements of a variety of light sources operating at different power levels and wavelengths can be performed with our Dual-Channel 2935-C and 2935T-C Series Optical Meters.
  • 制造商: Newport
  • 模型: 1935-C