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Agilent E7580A
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The Agilent E7580A ProBER 2 test set provides a powerful handheld solution for testing 2 Mb/s and 64 kb/s digital circuits. It offers extensive BER test functions plus a unique range of signal quality measurements (pulse mask, jitter, level and frequency). This unmatched test capability, combined with the intuitive operation of ProBER 2, simplifies installation and maintenance testing for faster problem resolution.

A range of signal quality measurements for faster problem resolution. Save time by quickly identifying signal quality problems before running long-term error measurements or during trouble-shooting. With a single keystroke, the ProBER 2 rapidly identifies any frequency, level, pulse shape or jitter problem on a 2 Mb/s signal.

001 = Advanced Signal Quality
002 = 64 kb/s Co-directional Interface
003 = M.2100 Performance Analysis
020 = Soft Carrying Case
031 = Latin American Localization
032 = Brazilian Portuguese Localization
AB2 = Chinese localization
UK6 = Calibration Data and Certificate
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: E7580A