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Dranetz 305C
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Dranetz 305C Phasemeter Mainframe

The 305C Phasemeter Mainframe features a frequency range of 2Hz to 11MHz (plug-in dependent, not included), digital readouts and outputs, 1 Mohm input impedance, and high overvoltage capabilities. " Highest Accuracy " "No-hands" Operation " Wide Frequency Range " Insensitivity to Input Level " Non-Ambiguous Angle Readings " Repeatability, Stability, Autocalibration " Programmable Operation " Rapid Phase Nulling " Digital Readout " Noise Immunity " Ability to Reduce Harmonics

" Option 101 = Rear Connectors for Signal and Reference Inputs, BNC " Option 102 = Full Mainframe Programmability; includes self check, angle range and time constant selection, DTL and TTL compatible. " Option 103 = High Speed Analog Output Response. Time to respond to within 99% of step change: 1 ms for frequency >5kHz, 10 ms > 500Hz, 100 ms > 50Hz, 1 second > 5Hz. (Temp. stability 0.01/C) " Option 107 = Automatic Calibration checks and automatically readjusts digital readout and BCD output circuits and at 0 and 360 to reduce readout errors to 0.01.
  • 制造商: Dranetz
  • 模型: 305C