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Dranetz Power Platform PP1
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The Dranetz-BMI Power Platform introduces a new concept in power monitoring equipment by allowing you to change the type of monitoring the unit does by changing a TASKCard.

A TASKCard is a removable memory card that is installed in the rear panel of the Power Platform and contains an operating system that is designed for a specific application (task). The PQPlus TASKCard, shown below, changes the Power Platform to a power quality monitor so that it can record sags, swells, transients, outages, plus demand, energy and harmonics.

Customize the PP1 to suit your needs. Insert a Dranetz TASKCard, and the PP1 becomes a different device with a new set of functions. TASKCards include PQPlus, 8000(Energy/Harmonics), Inrush, and TASKCard Flicker.

Features & Highlights:
Portable Package
Eight Channel, 4 Voltage and 4 Current
Easy Start for automated set-ups (TASKCards PQPlus and Flicker)
Scope Mode
Meter Mode
TASKCard Operating System Technology
Measure Power Quality, Harmonics, Energy, InRush, and Flicker
Measure V,I,W, VA,VAR,PF, Demand & Energy (TASKCard 8000)
Cycle-by-Cycle Disturbance Capture (TASKCard PQPlus)
Two Hour UPS
Menu Driven Operation
RS-232 Serial Interface
Waveform Capture (TASKCard PQPlus)
Simultaneous Channel Capture
Classifies Power Quality Disturbances to IEEE 1159 (TASKCard PQPlus)
Classifies Voltage Flicker in Accordance with IEC-868 (TASKCard Flicker)
Time Plot Any Monitored Parameter
Integral PC Memory Card Interface
Supported by Dran-View PC Analysis and Report Writer

Field service: computers, networks, telecommunications
Medical laboratories and hospitals
Laboratories, universities
Industrial automation maintenance
Energy audits
  • 制造商: Dranetz
  • 模型: Power Platform PP1