Frequency Counters : EIP 575-01-03


EIP 575-01-03
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EIP 575 Microwave Frequency Counter: 18 GHz.
The EIP 575 Frequency Counter provides fully automatic control in phase locking virtually any swept signal source to the same accuracy and long-term stability as the time-base oscillator in the counter. This ability to stabilize the frequency of nearly any sweep generator often eliminates the need for an expensive, synthesized signal generator or a single-function, stand-alone. HPIB interface for automatic systems is included as standard equipment.

Option 01: D to A Converter
Option 02: Power Measurement
Option 03: Oven Timebase
Option 05: High Stability Oven Timebase
Option 06: Extended Frequency
Option 09: Rear Input
Option 10: Chassis Slides
  • 制造商: EIP
  • 模型: 575-01-03