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Agilent 16522A-SYS2TTL
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Digital Pattern Generator Module

The HP 16522A pattern generator module is an expandable stimulus tool designed for the HP 16500B/C Logic Analysis System. It provides digital design teams the ability to emulate missing devices and to functionally test prototypes.

Key Characteristics:

Output channels: 20 channels at 200 MHz clock; 40 channels at 100
MHz clock.
Memory depth: 258,048 vectors.
Logic levels (data pods): TTL, 3-state TTL/3.3v, 3-state TTL/CMOS,
ECL terminated, ECL unterminated, and differential ECL (without pod).
Data inputs: 3-bit pattern - level sensing (clock pod).
Clock outputs: Synchronized to output data, delay of 11 ns in
9 steps (clock pod).
Clock input: DC to 200 MHz (clock pod).
Internal clock period: Programmable from 5 ns to 250 ms in a 1, 2, 2.5,
4, 5, 8 sequence.
External clock period (user supplied): DC to 200 MHz.
External clock duty cycle: 2 ns minimum high time.
Maximum number of "IF condition" blocks at 50 MHz clock: 1.
Maximum number of different macros: 100.
Maximum number of lines in a macro: 1024.
Maximum number of macro invocations: 1,000.
Maximum number of Repeat loop invocations: 1,000.
Maximum number of Wait event patterns: 4.
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: 16522A-SYS2TTL