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Agilent 6813A
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AC Power Source/Analyzer 1750VA

The 6800 series ac power source/analyzers are members of the Agilent Technologies One-Box Solution power products family. These products offer an integrated solution for ac power testing applications.

The 6800 series combines the functionality of the following instruments in one box:
  • power amplifier
  • arbitrary waveform generator
  • power analyzer
  • harmonic analyzer
  • waveform digitizer
The power amplifier and arbitrary waveform generator capabilities produce waveforms with programmable amplitude, frequency, and waveshape. Each model has pre-programmed sine, square, and clipped sine waveshapes. For added flexibility, twelve user-defined waveforms can be created and stored in non-volatile memory.

Waveforms can be programmed using the 6800 series transient generation system to simulate sophisticated and repeatable ac line disturbances or output sequences.

  • 0BN Add operation and service manual
  • 1BP Military Standard 45662A Calibration with Test Data
  • 1CM Rackmount Kit
  • 1CP Rackmount and Handle Kit
  • 841 Line cord with NEMA 6-20P, 20A 250 V Plug
  • 842 Line cord with IEC 309, 32A, 220V Plug
  • 843 LINE CORD
  • 844 Line cord with NEMA L6-30P, 30 A 250 V Locking Plug
  • UK6 Commercial calibration with test results data
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: 6813A