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Agilent 6834B
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AC Power Source/Analyzer

The HP 6834B AC Power Source/Analyzer provides 3-phase or 1-phase outputs with programmable ac voltage, dc voltage, frequency, phase, and current limit. Synthesized waveform generation permit shigh accuracy waveform simulation of surge, sag, dropout, and other line disturbance simulations. The 6834B features non-volatile list programming for generating complex output transients or test sequences. The 6834B also features extensive measurement capability: Ac rms, dc, ac+dc voltage and current and peak current. Real, reactive, and apparent power. Harmonic analysis of voltage and current waveforms gives amplitude, phase, and total harmonic distortion results up to the 50th harmonic. Triggered acquisition of digitized voltage and current with extensive post-acquisition calculations.

  • 1CM - Rackmount Kit, support rails p/n 5064-0001 required, but not supplied
  • 400 - Input Power, 360-440 vac, 3-phase
  • J03 - Increased peak current capability
    • 制造商: Agilent
    • 模型: 6834B