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Kikusui PAD36-60LA
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High Performance REGULATED DC POWER SUPPLY, 0-36V, 0-60A with Digital Display

The PAD-LA Series are renewal version of our long seller models "PAD-L Series" as known for high performance and high reliability of variable DC regulated power supplies used with excellent regulators. The PAD-LA Series has polished features and performance also it has improved the "easy to use" operation by adopting an advanced design and we aim to establish the "New Basic Power Supply" which can be used in all fields of application from the R&D , Quality Control to the Manufacturing site.


  • Use large LED monitor with high visibility for 4digits display
  • Output and Set Switch
  • Putting together of the mode setting switches
  • OCP (Over Current Protection circuit)
  • Output Monitoring
  • Control Terminals
    • 制造商: Kikusui
    • 模型: PAD36-60LA