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Storage Battery Systems SBS-4830S
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Constant Current DC Load Banks

The only way to know your stationary batteries will perform to specification is to test
them regularly.

NERC standard PRC-005-2 requires that Vented Lead-Acid and Nickel Cadmium
systems be discharge tested every six years and Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries be tested every three years. IEEE recommends load testing stationary flooded/ vented lead-acid and Ni-Cad stationary batteries every 5 years and VRLA batteries every 12-18 months.

The SBS constant current load banks are an affordable way to perform easy and
accurate IEEE450 (Vented Lead-Acid), IEEE1106 (Ni-Cad) and IEEE1188 (VRLA) load tests.

These units are quick and easy to set up. They display the voltage, current and Ah
removed during the test. Since this is a constant current load bank, the user also does not have to constantly adjust the current during the test like many other load banks. These load banks come standard with multiple auto-stop settings and built-in protection to ensure that the batteries are never damaged due to over discharge.
  • 制造商: Storage Battery Systems
  • 模型: SBS-4830S